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Sustainable Aviation

The aviation industry is responsible for 10% of global transport emissions, and faces increasing pressure to transition toward a zero-emissions future.


A large proportion of the energy onboard an aircraft is wasted carrying its own weight, and as much as 20-40% of that energy is used during takeoff and landing alone.

By combining efficient aircraft design with tethered propulsion technology, we can fly more sustainably and drive costs to new lows.


Lower Cost


Near-Silent Flight


Fully Autonomous




Min. Emissions

Key Advantages


Making Flight Affordable

With our technology, regional and cross-border air transport of cargo becomes competitive with ground freight. We achieve this by replacing onboard propulsion with on-ground propulsion. Better still, we can draw clean electricity directly from the grid to further reduce emissions.


Efficient aircraft design and optimization for cruise flight also enable major performance gains. Silent operation, greater payload, greater range, optional autonomy, and lower costs will give customers unparalleled control over their operation.

In this way we're accelerating the energy transition by radically improving the way we fly.

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